Car​-​Free Village

by Grayson Peddie

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Walt Disney's original concept called EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, also called "EPCOT Center" back during the 80s and 90s;, Disney's Horizons, the walkway between Epcot and Hollywood Studios, The Venus Project ((, WALL-E (the Axiom ship), Disney's Contemporary Resort, and the movie "Tomorrowland" (excuse me for spoiling... where Casey activates the pin to visit an alternate dimension) are a couple of inspirations for writing my songs.

Despite the mixed reviews, I do love the movie "Tomorrowland."

Update as of July 17th, 10:24 AM EST: I've updated the song to improve parts of my song and take out as much harshness from violin and viola instruments so it won't be as fatiguing when played at loud volume. It's not that bad at normal volume, but sometimes it helps to have a nice set of fresh ears and that is important for musicians and mixing engineers as well.


released January 28, 2016




Grayson Peddie Altha, Florida

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